Has this ever happened to you? Like, have you stayed up looking at Lizzie (my term for household lizards) going into a tizzy on your bedroom wall, lost in thoughts, about all the things you’d do with the significant other, only toΒ  be brought back sharply to earth because you were single?

About as single as that last Pringle at the bottom of the can?

It happens to me all the time.

I actually stay up watching soppy shows (including Melissa and Joey reruns) and I actually talk to myself. “Ooh, look at Joe – he’s so cute – if I had someone like that I’d totally secretly sign him up for the The Voice auditions.” Which is probably why I’m single as a Pringle.Β  I’m the most unromantic girl on earth.

I don’t know what men like. Besides romping in the hay and sports and booze. Is there anything men like that I’d like as well? Help a girl out. Dish out some relationship advice, y’all.


38 thoughts on “Single as a Pringle

      1. I’d share a little something with you..here in Goa, when we gift something to a girl, she thinks there is an ulterior motive..even if it is as small as a chocolate (n she would not take it/take it hesitatingly) on the other hand there seems to be no problem when they gift us stuff, we accept and maybe give a hug/kiss in return depending on how close the 2 are..A kiss/hug they’re okay with BUT not a gift..
        …but then we don’t learn, do we?

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  1. I would say different men like different things; many love gifts no matter how small, its the thoughts that count; others like honesty cos all the girls they know are liars; some actually love romance, its amazing i know but i know guys who love hugs and special attention.
    But i would say be yourself. You will meet those who like u as u r just make urself open
    Hope i don’t sound too cliché😭

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      1. I don’t know u so i can’t really say. But what i have found out in life is that it takes 2 to tango & if a guy decided to date u knowing u well and then backed out along the way: its either you’ve dating the wrong guys probably trying to blend in with their interests & tastes, then trying to revert back to urself along the way or its the probably the guys who are not serious about relationships & u are thinking it up more than it is.

        Just be yourself and go ahead living a happy fulfilling life, get great girlfriends cos most times relationships happen when you are not fretting about it

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      1. Then they weren’t the right one. I Michelle not with a guy but I am married and my partner and she loves me geurks and all. Sometimes the ideal partner has been in our lives a long time. Don’t give up. Just don’t close your eyes he might already be your best friend. My friend Diana knew the man who became her husband since kindergarten and he was in the friends zone. They took the chance and 5 years later they are still happy together.
        He is out there. Honest he is.

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  2. I think you should be yourself no matter what because when you’re looking for a relationship that will stick you shouldn’t change according to what they would like you to be. And when it comes to gifting, make it an outing, take him with you and let him choose what he wants :p that always works. Lastly, spend time together so that you can get to know each other better and if you realize that you’re not compatible you can leave before you get too attached πŸ˜€ Also don’t be afraid to ask someone out, or if you don’t like asking guys out, give him a hint πŸ˜‰ Hope you find your dream guy ❀ Don't worry you definitely will.

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      1. Aww don’t say that I’m sure you’ll find someone, rather I’m sure someone will find you πŸ˜€ Till then just keep reading and doing whatever makes you happy. Like you said being single has it’s own advantages πŸ˜€


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