I know we all have a song stuck in our head. At some point or the other. I was fine until Meghan Trainor dropped her super catchy song, No. Yes that’s what the song is actually called.

The lyrics include:

Thank you in advance but I don’t wanna dance
I don’t need your hands all over me
If I want a man, Imma get a man,
But that’s never my priority.

…which basically is my attitude towards relationships. Like, stay away from me because I’m feeling untouchable because in alternate reality I’m Queen Bey and I’m too good for lesser mortals. (Kidding.)

…which also means this song is stuck in the grooves of my brains (did you know I have exophthalmos because my brains are overlarge and eating into my eye socket space and therefore, pushing out my eyeballs? You didn’t? Thought so) and I’m dying. Basically I’ve been humming under my breath all day. It got so bad at one point I had to duck out of the office and go into the reception area to plug in my earphones and play the damn song. And I also watched the video which was terrible – what a shame because the song is so good – and now I’m scarred for life.

It’s official. I’ve gone mad(der).

Does anyone else like this song?


15 thoughts on “Crazy Start to My Week

  1. Oh yes. I especially love the…

    My name is NO
    My sign is NO
    My no. is NO
    You need to let it go
    You need to let it go
    Need to let it go

    …part. The attitude in these lines? Dayum.
    And ofcourse the lines you mentioned.💚 Meghan Trainer has never been my artist of choice. But this song is something else.


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