…and you’re all invited. Obviously.

I’m wearing Very Pang*, did you know? My dress is black. It’ll totally match my eyes, and my lipstick. I also have spots open for bridesmaids and maid of honor. (Even a dude of honor would do. Like the movie starring Patrick Dempsey.) I totally decided on the menu. Pizza. Donuts. Loads of caffeine.

A Boston Terrier called Doodle is the one that’ll be marrying um, us. Also, the ring bearer is my good friend baby Pinocchio. Y’all HAVE to be there. It’ll be amazing. Y’all WILL show up, won’t you?

Bring the champagne and the groom. Provided y’all find him.

*since I can’t afford Vera Wang. And incidentally, black is the new white.


45 thoughts on “I’m Getting Married

      1. I would wear one with a slit, alright. And a high neckline ofcourse, seeing as sweetheart neckline is too mainstream and we are anything but. And sneakers. No heels(even though I love heels, I am ready to adjust.).
        So,yeah. I am one of your bridesmaids on this very special, eccentric occasion.*claps twice*

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  1. Sorry, I won’t be able to fly over for the nuptials, but you see, Pegasus has come up with a lame wing. So, there’s that. All the more disappointing to me since your invite is phrased in that southern American dialect. What can I say except Y’all take care now, ya heah.

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      1. I can’t deciiide, but if I had to, I’d go with the gowns for sure! Would you like me to bring a groom? Warning you, most of the prospective ones I know are d-bags.

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