You know you’re getting old when…

1. You’re the oldest in the crowd.

2. People set limits and say, “You’re not allowed if you’re over 25.”

3. You discover new wrinkles in places you didn’t know it were remotely possible to get crow’s feet in.

4. Forget the crow’s feet, you start noticing T Rex feet. Again, in weird places.

5. You’d rather stay home and eat guacamole than head out in micro minis.

...and someone has to interfere.

6. Suddenly, you’ve got hypertension.

7. Your towel holds more hair than your scalp does.

8. You understand crazy terms like mortgage.

9. The neighborhood kids call you Grumpy McOldie.

10. Your waistline goes haywire.

11. You forget things.

12. Only YOU reassure yourself that you’re still young and shiny.


How’s everyone doing? Did global warming knock anyone out yet?


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