And it was crazy because the booth was empty. It was eight in the morning and the goddamned booth was frigging empty! And then people have the nerve to complain that the country is going to the dogs. It’s crazy. I mean, you can’t wake up to cast a vote and you expect things to be peachy. *insert applause*

Yes, they ruin your manicure. Glad my nails were bare.

How typical.

Everyone says you gotta be the change you want to see in the world, blah blahetty blah. And they all expect so much. I only want a politician with a heart. Even though politics means a vicious group of blood sucking insects (poly – many, tics – bloodsucking insects) and it’s really foolish to expect no extortion. But still.

I voted because I have hope. Hope that someday, somehow, we will have better people in the Government that don’t encourage corruption and don’t ignore heinous crimes like rape and honor-killing. And I hope that someday India will stop being “developing” and become “developed” instead. I hope that one day, people will have the dignity of labor and not treat cleaning ladies and petrol bunk workers as filth and less than human. That the literacy rate will peak. That we won’t have jealously and wars. And I hope, for Lord’s sake, caste-ism will be gone for good.

And that Indians, the biggest racists of them all, will stop being that way.

Please, God.


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