Oh boy. Why does crap happen to me all the time? Now, I’m one of those people that mostly ignores the situation, hoping it will go away – and mostly it does go away. But the rare exceptions? Oooh, they suck.

When I was almost 18 I dated this person who claimed he was only four years older to me (I’m sure that was a lie) and not going into details now, but we had a nasty break up. Of course. I can never have a clean break up. Ever. And it’s been seven years now, and this person randomly left comments on my blog.

Talk about blast from the past.

Obviously I wasn’t dumb enough to approve of those comments, but can you imagine the shock? It took me a long time to recover from this horrible relationship, and it traumatized me real bad, but I did get over it. And I never heard from the dude in seven years – this guy incidentally was the reason I don’t have a Facebook account and the reason why I always have my walls up – and then BAM he leaves me comments as if nothing had ever gone wrong.

You can’t be friends with the ex, specially if the ex damaged your head to death, without wishing to strangle the dude with a piece of rope. Right?

And now I’m back to living in misery that one day this guy will bother me again. And that blocking is not enough. What unnerved me the most was how he found my blog! I don’t have my real name on here even. Lord help me.

Have you ever had this kind of blast from the past? Do you think I need to carry Taser and Pepper Spray with me at all times? Help, bloggerfam, help!


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