So I went to wish the mommy dearest a very happy mothers’ day at two minutes past midnight. The ruckus that ensued was hilarious.

Did I mention both my parents snore? Dad’s snoring habit is a bit recent, compared to Mum’s who’s been doing that for a billion years now. God how do they sleep next to each other? Must be true love. And oblivion. And fatigue. Ugh.

So anyway, after whispering “Mum, wake up!” a few times, I dared to prod her. Now, my mum might be a Hogwarts dragon. I mean, never poke the Momster. Not unless you want to be scalped and killed dead.

I’d momentarily forgotten.

Remember how my Mum throws out pizza when she feels I’ve been vegging out too much?

She practically unleashed her closet football player. And aimed a free kick at my head. Oh yeah. While she was still asleep.

I love you Mum. I love you. You inspire my blog in so many ways.


30 thoughts on “Really, Mum?

      1. and then there comes some muffled words that sound more like someones speaking with their mouth tooooooo full…or does it not?

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