I admit makeup is amazing and it makes us all flab-u-lous but seriously, these trends need to go, in my opinion.

1. Blue lipstick. Not everyone is poison Ivy and/ or Mykie from Glam and Gore. And I’m sure nobody finds blue lips attractive. Unless they were into frostbitten Elsa look.

2. Strobing. I’m all for highlighting my cheekbones and looking like a sparkly snow globe, but strobing? Excuse me. That’s just another marketing gimmick! Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Check this out. I thought "oily face" wasn't attractive!

3. Contouring. I miss the days when contouring was just limited to the face. Now we have butt contouring. Boob contouring. Leg and ANKLE contouring. What’s even real anymore?!

You don't need this. Really.

4. Painted-on freckles. Like, really?

I can't even.

What is the worst trend you’ve ever seen?


41 thoughts on “Makeup Trends I Wish Were Dead

  1. I think the excess contouring is the most ridiculous “trend”. I literally saw somebody contour a foot and thought what is the world coming to!!

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      1. Well I haven’t stumbled across that yet but I’m sure I will eventually. IG is filled with some ridiculous advice I can’t even. The last one I saw was a blogger claiming that using diaper rash cream (yes, you read that right) was great for acne. What planet do they live on? I’m all for some DIY now and then but half the time people have no clue what they are talking about, and sadly people will follow it.

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  2. I think the kind of makeup trend I would like to see disappear is the use of artificial objects to draw full lips. I absolutely disgust the pain that some had to go through to make their lips look fuller and ended up with sore lips instead. Pity!

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