How true.

This is sort of depressing, and liberating, at the same time. After a series of failed relationships, most of which involved one or all of the following –

πŸ’” dude didn’t have time for me
πŸ’” had to handle everything on my own
πŸ’” had to get my own birthday cake and pretend he’d gotten it for me
πŸ’” talked to myself when I was upset because he seemed to think I was a psycho (which is probably true, I scare myself sometimes)
πŸ’” dude would character analyze me to the point where he’d have given my shrink a run for his money
πŸ’” getting upset because other women had perfect boyfriends that seemed to understand them

I found myself a perfect partner. Me.

Seriously, I’ve never been happier. I’ve got nobody to give me a lecture about how “You’re the strongest person I know,” over TEXT, not even bothering to call, and then going offline immediately like they couldn’t wait to get back to what – or who – they were doing.

I don’t judge myself.

I give myself compliments in the mirror every single day.

I buy myself sunflowers when I’m upset (and I’ll buy myself a ring too when I’m ready).

I buy myself cake and presents every birthday.(Side note: I must, because nobody remembers. Not that it’s important and I’m an old bag.)

I read to myself when I’m sad.

I have deep, long conversations with myself in the mirror. Again.Β Thanks, reflection.

Someday, I’ll whisk myself away to Harry Potter studios, London, because I can. Maybe. Just not yet. But I want to.

So yeah, I’m insanely happy. Whoever said you need a man, or a woman, to be happy was wrong. Obviously you can be alone and happy. As long as you’re not lonely. I don’t think I’ll ever be. There are a billion demons in my head, speaking in Latin, and I’ll keep busy translating.

Oh joy.


32 thoughts on “Alone and Happy AF

      1. I just read an article online about medical education in India. Very interesting and way different than the USA. Here, we have a shortage of general practitioners and a surplus of specialists–which is one reason that health care costs are so high.

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  1. If you’re a Suits fan, remember what Harvey once said?
    “Ever loved someone so much, you’d so anything for them? Yeah, well make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.”
    It’s not only badass in it’s own way but if you think on it for a moment, it’s hauntingly real! πŸ˜€

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