I know I’m this crazy lipstick lady that rants all week. I bet you wonder where I get my energy from. No, I don’t eat kittens and souls of happy people. This is just me. No additives. Tra la la and de dum. It’s mostly a tiny cup of coffee. Okay, a LOT of coffee. Eleven cups. No my heart hasn’t exploded yet.

Speaking of my heart, I’m feeling really affectionate towards everyone today. Seize the moment while you can, and let’s have a uh, virtual group hug, shall we? *opens arms*

Seriously though. You guys are the best! I couldn’t ask for a better Blogstafam (is that even a thing?) And you rock. Each and every one of you. And thank you, for sticking with me, bearing with me, being so supportive, never calling me names – which I like best about y’all! Specially when Instagram has so much to say about my eyeballs.

Ooh, and it’s my birthday next month! I got myself presents. Eeee.

For the last time, I’m not on drugs. I just feel… emotional. And I’m a Cancer baby. Self explanatory. What was the purpose of this post? Nothing. Just saying I love you and I’m grateful!


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