Oh my goodness, y’all.

There’s this dude at work that kept boasting about how he got his girlfriend presents and she ‘rewarded’ him with sex.

Oh wow.

That was the lamest – and the most desperate – thing I’ve ever heard anyone brag about. Like, really? Stuff in exchange for sexy time? Eww, gross. The things some guys talk about, goodness gracious me.

Why not just find a prostitute instead?

That way you get to have all the sexy time you want, it’ll be cheaper and there’ll  be no strings attached. Right?

Do any of y’all have crazy co-workers like mine? Do tell.


41 thoughts on “Stuff = Sexy Time

  1. WTF LOLL!!thats funny to hear, but prob if i was present i would be so pissed, i would actually be like, ‘she only did it, cos ur dick was so small, she had no fear of cherry popping…’ dont u just hate it when ppl chat abt things like that?its just like, im not gonne even pretend i give a fuck!!FUNNy post tho:D:D:D

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  2. When you work with people up to 8-12 hours a day you discover they are just plain crazy in different ways. I am glad to be one of those crazy ones. Talking about sex isn’t safe workplace conversation though.

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