Lilith sits on the front porch, head in hands, finally tired of herself.

Mark left a long time ago. Technically, only two years ago. They met, they clicked, they fought, they called it quits. It was that good, and it was that bad.

And when he left, he left her stripped naked. Emotionally. Laid bare. For everyone to see. It was that brutal. Hey, nobody said breakups were easy. Nobody said it would be that crazy.

Mark was amazing.

He was too much.

Lilith was nowhere near amazing.

She was too less. Far too less.

At least that’s how he made her feel.

She was the one overworking, no breaks and no vacations, and he was the one with the attitude. The cold-shouldering. Maybe, just maybe, she should have put him first. Before her career, even. Maybe she should’ve been like those homemakers, dependent on Mark – so dependent she’d have to ask him for money to go get herself a new toothbrush. He’d have liked that, wouldn’t he?

That’s how it began, her independence that he once found so appealing – that finally ended in resentment.

There’s only so much you can criticize somebody. There’s only so much you can validate yourself based on other people’s opinions. There’s only so much you can take.

And then you become an emotional cripple.

That’s when you shut down.

Say goodbye, Lilith.


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