I always refrain from joining in where group chats are concerned, specially on whatsapp, with people you’ve met on the internet. But all of us make mistakes, right?

And some of us – aka yours truly – never learn.

Okay, here’s why you should never join a group chat on whatsapp:

1. There will always be someone with a chip on their shoulder, lording it over the other people in the group. Why? Because they are the greater Gods and you’re maybe a lesser moral.


2. The said Greater God will make conversation a literal pain in the posterior. You can’t approach them for anything.

3. There will be a lead moocher recommending you to other moochers, because you are the least confrontational one and can never say no.

4. God forbid if you’re the oldest in the group, they will remind you everyday that you’re a grandma and you have no business trying to get your point across.

Oh yeah.

5. Soon, you’ll start noticing the emergence of ‘sub groups’. Where all the plotting and scheming takes place.

6. People will start asking you for favors.

7. You will become the odd one out.

8. Last but not the least, you put your phone away for ten seconds, and there will be 104615415151414414141 texts waiting for you.

Take me back to those days!

In other news, the hate comments on my photos are going strong. You’d think women were supposed to empower one another. Nada.

Who else hates group chats with a passion? Also, sorry I’ve been so irregular with my posts lately. I had family over. I will tell you all about it tomorrow!


31 thoughts on “Why Group Chats Suck

  1. I have been a little too vocal in group chats. I am one of those types that has to fill the silence. Then the show has been on the other foot and I have seen others take their agenda and impose it on others. Strange how that happens.

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  2. Group chats are fun for about ten minutes and then you’re wondering how in the world you can get out of them. As for people calling you grandma, next time that happens just ask if they’d prefer you write them letters instead, like you had to do “back in the day”. And then say, “I’m saving you the trouble of paper cuts!” They probably won’t laugh but at least it’s a comeback, right?! I’ll go…

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