Oh boy. Why is it that I get stuck with unhygienic relatives? I’m the cleanest person I know, I almost have a bit of an OCD when it comes to being a neat freak, and then BAM, the lord almighty gives me un-effing-hygienic relatives.

Now, I hadn’t seen this cousin of mine since about 1992. I was a year old and in diapers, I believe.

Bit of a shocker to see your cousin show up, decades later, wife and kids-in-diapers in tow. This wife of his? I can’t even. Have you ever seen anyone toss diapers all over the place? Needless to say, the guest room smelled like death and probably knocked out my poor old neighbor in his wheelchair for days.

I haven’t seen a more uncivilised human being in my whole entire existence. Who in their right mind, I ask you, leaves um, inappropriate dirt lying around? I haven’t seen parents like this. They never reprimand the kids, ever. Not even when they smashed things, and watched TV all day, and threw things down the drain.

The cleaning lady is in hysterics. Obviously.

I’m never having kids. Bad genes always surface. At some point or the other.

*bangs head against the wall*


36 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – Annoying Relatives

      1. ohh, i don’t have inst cos my mum don’t let me have any technology cos she don’t trust me, cos i apparently don’t know how to act modest around guys, my classmates don’t think so tho, but my mum, shes like freakily strict, religious and over-controlling so yah:) we could talk on wordpress tho:)

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      2. ohh, lol, yes, i hope i don’t be a mum, i know myself im being immature, because im kinda ewwed by sex:) but if i was a mum, ill try not to be:)is ur mum strict?

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      3. She is. And sex is gross. I’ll agree. I’ve seen too much anatomy to feel anything anymore. You’re not being immature. And I’m never having kids! Mine will be horrendous. I’m sure!

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      4. Oh, lol ,yesss!!my cousin is just like no, i know youll do it, and im like ewwww no im not, and i actually wont:) Yes, im dont wanna have kids either!!i wanna have like, a super party life, not having to worry about others non stop, parenting is to hard, and u normally end up doing opposite of whats best:)u know whats weird tho? all my class mates are like ‘lol, mahajbeen, ur so funny, your so ewwed by sex, yet ur one of the dirtiest monded pplk in this class!’ but dont u think being dirty minded, and ewwed is different lol?xx

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      5. ohh:)try reading inappropriate books like ‘when mr.dog bites’ or ‘manifesto on how to be interesting’ or ’13 reasons why’ or the throne of glass series, or any books by john green:)theyre always funny:)u have got a life:)ur blog is always so honest and relatable, and that makes u amax=zing:)xx

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      6. yess, exactly!!luckily at school, i go to a goodish one where everyone is really nice, cos im always like really self concious, and i dont know how to be otherwise!!wordpress is always a b=nice place tho:D

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      7. nah, ur young:)and u look real young:)xxanyway, talk to u later cos my mum is ocming to check what im up to, and shes not allowed to know that i have a wordpress:)she’ll be raving:)gtg, but it would be nice to talk some other time:Dxxxxxxx

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  1. Step 1: Start a fire pit outside
    Step 2: Grab tongs
    Step 3: Pick up the diaper
    Step 4: Go wash your hands and pick up the diaper with the tongs instead
    Step 5: Toss it into the fire
    Step 6: Play “burn baby burn, disco inferno” over a stereo

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  2. Holy shit I agree so much with this post! I had relatives over yesterday, and I don’t know what they ate, but they left such a disastrous shit in my toilet, I’d rather not go into the details. Basically, they were unhygienic af.

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