To all you lucky lady ducks out there, those of you in relationships with someone that understands you, and knows what you want, and what makes you happy, without your even saying anything, cherish him.

He hands you his credit cards over, while you go berserk shopping – cherish him.

He takes your mood swings, loves you at your best and at your worst, never goes to bed mad at you – cherish him.

Buys you flowers, just because? Cherish him.

Gets the whole Becca X Jaclyn Hill collection, or whatever latest launch you’ve been drooling over, without your saying anything at all – cherish him.

Shows you off to the world, and treats you good – cherish him.

You don’t know how lucky you are. They say a relationship has nothing to do with buying your other half presents, and giving them little surprises – yeah, right.

Try sitting through Lemony Snicket’s and vegging out on pizza and avoiding looking at the clock and the empty inbox and the empty mailbox on your birthday. Alone. In the dark.

Do you feel lucky yet?


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