Do you remember the cover version of Only Just a Dream Christina Grimmie did with Sam Tsui? Do you remember how the chairs turned during The Voice auditions and the way Adam Levine beamed when she picked him as her coach? Why does this feel like only yesterday?

Do you remember her Snapchat story from earlier, how positively radiant she looked, delighted at the prospect of the Orlando concert?

Was this only yesterday?

Grimmie was shot by a random person who then proceeded to shoot himself. Though her brother did tackle the guy down, she succumbed to her injuries. Two lives lost, a million shattered. Is all of this even worth it?

Some Americans and their stinking guns. Why isn’t any of this causing more outrage? Nobody should have to die because someone felt like being whimsical.

Each human life is too precious for that.

Rest in peace.


15 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Shit.
    Shit. Shit. Shit.
    I instantly fell in love with her voice ever since I heard her – Wrecking Ball cover in her audition.
    I kinda feel like I lost someone soo close to me. I don’t know what to say or do. 😦

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