…which makes me immensely sad.

When you’re part of a group chat, with about 20 other people, who refer to hair as ‘hairs’ and have no sense of spelling whatsoever, you tend to wonder why you allowed yourself to become friends with those people.

I’m digressing.

So I asked people on the group if they read. They asked what. I said, “Books.” And I got a “Nah 😂” in reply.

Makes me wonder what these girls’ parents are actually doing. Why aren’t they locking away their computers and phones and buying them some shirts that cover the unmentionables rather than expose everything for the world to see?

I’m moving away from the point. Again. Dear holy begonias.

Why don’t most of these girls read? They’re mostly busy being snapchat dogs. And rabbits. And making babies at 12. And then they ask me why I won’t reply to people on group chat and where my “atticats” (etiquette) at. Good Lord.

You, girl, keep on being the Dalmatian with the pout while I’m off to find my “atticats”. I have no “atticats” and I adore Atticus instead of the Atkins diet. No wonder I’m single as a Taylor Swift Jingle.

Shout-out to the lovely Paulo for inventing the phrase.

Gosh I’m so bitter.


37 thoughts on “This Generation Doesn’t Read Enough

  1. Mayen. So freaking irritating it is. The spellings and “how’s you-s” when they pretend to be oh so cool make me wanna shudder. Why don’t they READ!?! WHY!?!
    Ugh I got a little out of control for a second there. Sorry for that. *wave my hand as if waving away the oncoming, irritated shudders”

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  2. Seriously! This is so true! Whenever I’m in a group chat, I feel like I’m talking to dummies, forget reading books, these people don’t even type properly. I’ll not be surprised if my generation doesn’t achieve anything.

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