I’m awful with words. I can’t be big and extravagant. I try but it just doesn’t happen.

I’m awful with actions too. I haven’t done anything major for you. The only thing I’ve done is cause major monetary damage. I’m the reason you’re always upset. I haven’t done anything with my life. I know.

But Pa, this is something I need you to know.

You’re the best. You were the only person that actually cried the day I was born – because you were so happy. You didn’t even care that I wasn’t the son Mum wanted. You were selfishly happy for me. You held me like I were precious, you told me that, you showed me photos. The smile on your face is blinding.

You encouraged me.

You defended me. When everyone else said I was blind and I looked like an amphibian, you took my face in your hands and you called me beautiful. You accepted me. You have been my rock.

I love you.

Happy Father’s Day!


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