I’m not looking forward to meetings you. 24 ended on a sticky note. I had people tell me stuff like, “I have other priorities and I can’t talk to you. What do you even expect from me?”

This from friends.

24, you never told me friends came with conditions apply* and that you had to be prepared to be dropped without warning, right out of the blue. You never told me, not until that last minute.

24, you never told me nothing stays forever until my life was half over.

So no, I’m not looking forward to 25. I will have a quiet day, like the rest of my days, no birthday cards, no calls. The way I like it.

I remember how I got an orange wrapped in bubble wrap on one of my birthdays and I let people laugh at me because hey, who gets bubble wrapped oranges for their birthday, right? Maybe I should have been grateful and said thank you.

24 years of regret. Nothing good ever came out of it. I loathe birthdays.

I remember getting excited about birthdays but now it feels like a bad omen.

I wish you hadn’t shown up. I hate having to meet you in less than four hours. I wish you’d stayed away, 25.


68 thoughts on “25.

      1. On my birthday, I was so tired and had to organize the home because the guests would come. I sweated so much. Soon I was asked to look for my Aunt’s missing purse and I got tired and ended up lying in my bed. Just being a procrastinating introvert, this was different lol

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      2. Oh no, I thought if I said that you’d feel better.

        But I remembered! :DDDDDDDDDD At first I was confused like, why is she writing 24 so much? Then I remembered reading a comment from you (while I wasn’t stalking) where you said 25th June was your birthday. :)) That counts a little right? lol *sends internet cookies*

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  1. Happy birthday you… Umm… Birthday grouch. (Ps; I still love you… At 25!) embrace it, my dear… You really will be OLD one day. 😳

    But let’s not think about that and go celebrate!!! I’ve got my boom box and everything! 90’s style! ❤️

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  2. I just wanted to give my perspective on what you said. Mainly because I can relate to what you said about friends coming with conditions. That for some people they are that way. To them a friendship is to be something that only works for them. When they don’t have to put in any effort into the friendship., That can make a person jaded toward friendships and dread what is coming.as the earth circles the sun one more time for them.

    But take what you have experienced as something you have learn. That there are people out there that don’t see friendships like you do. That you should stay away from those people. Seek out people that see friendships without conditions. That you are just as important to them as themselves.. That when you need help in life they will be there for you because of that without conditions. Might be hard to find these people, but they are there.

    That knowing this and actively seeking people that show you what friendship really means that your life will be happier and not something to dread. Sure there will be other things that come along with time that will be hard lessons to learn. Life is like that. But what we can choose to do is to either dread what we have experience happening again or learn from it and who we are as a person then we can have a better future for ourselves. That it is not 24 years of regret but 24 years of learning about yourself and the world so you the next 24 can be better.

    I wish you all the best as the Earth continues to circle around the sun for you one more time. That you did have a birthday the way you like it. Because that is what you really want and should have it 🙂

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  3. Lookee here ‘little miss India’…. my word to you/ you’re one of the most beautiful woman I’ve gazed at in my 50 years of life…..I look for you always/the material your face provides for word description is exhaustless!!… your just cut from that type of cloth!

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      1. Yeah, yeah.. that’s cute/…I’ve a montage I’m putting together of your pics for strictly selfish reasons/ I mean to push your image in front of people of entertainment value…


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