Yikes. I haven’t blogged in ages. You know when you lose the flow and you sort of get off track? And then you find getting back on track is about as easy as finding a needle in a haystack? That’s what’s happening with me. Wow, that rhymed. I haven’t lost my touch. 

I figured you shouldn’t date bloggers. Their priorities are super different. People that don’t blog won’t get this. Right? I mean, they wanna cuddle, and all YOU wanna do is write your post. That’s pretty much what’s happening with me. I’ve dated so many people, I’ve exhausted my love supply. And basically, just died. 

Also, did I tell you about my birthday? NONE of my friends remembered. Forget about cake and flowers. I guess it’s valid. I mean, I’m 25. I should be celebrating my kid’s birthday and…
I don’t even have a man. Oh boy, I’m gonna die old and cobwebby. I hate everything except this snapchat filter. How’s it going, y’all? 
Happy 4th of July, everyone. 

I’m sexy and I know it.

16 thoughts on “Hello, July. 

  1. I can relate. My husband totally gets jealous of my “down time” with my laptop! Literally, pawing at my arm “pay me some attention!!!”

    Happy 4th of July, you slightly crazy snapchat-filter-loving, cobweb woman! 😉

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