Keeping with the the theme of Social Media Day, let’s talk about the kind of people you’re like on social media.  

1. The honest to Goodness entrepreneurs: These guys are hardworking and very focused on their start ups. They connect and send out PR packages and hand written notes and hope to expand.  

2. “Instabloggers”: Usually pretty girls with varying stages of sugar daddy and a friend with a DSLR. Funnily enough, the friend never gets any credit.  

3. Tinder hopefuls:
They just make accounts to get laid. These people have the world’s worst sense of grammar and often send in photos of their unmentionables in direct messages.  

4. Ghosts: If you see an account that’s fairly big and gets very few likes, chances are they’ve only got fake accounts following them. These are called ghost accounts. Make sure to spring clean your account from time to time and remove these ghost followers. 

5. Trolls: They ALWAYS have private accounts and make it their mission to bully and spread hate. Block and report immediately. 

6. Giveaway accounts:Almost always girls that slide into your DM with sob stories ranging from being homeless to having cancer,  depending on how much your giveaway prize is worth.

7. The Naked Revolution: Usually girls who can’t afford clothes because they spent a crap ton on a manicure.  

Have y’all ever had creeps slide into you your DMs?


23 thoughts on “Social Media: The cute, the “meh”, the eww-sy.

      1. Instagram needs to filter and screen accounts if its nothing but spam. Certainly they can do that. Also they need to monitor activity and purge accounts after a certain time of inactivity.

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