I’m sure you’ve all read about and seen the Dallas shooting news. Snipers at a rally. Eleven police officers shot. Four dead. 

Before this came the Anastasia Beverly Hills’S new makeup campaign photos. Have a look. 

Screen cap off the ABH Instagram page.

People are leaving comments on cultural appropriation and what not. This is just a campaign for new highlighters for God’s sake. When you see these pictures, what do you see? I see beauty and art. I don’t underrated why or how a certain kind of hairdo or a lighter hair color would lead people to diss ABH as being racist. Cultural Appropriation. Sounds so scary. The funny part is the people that claim to hate Donald Trump(et) are the ones that are the ones that are actually way more racist. 

Now. Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter. But… 

This guy put it perfectly. 

Even before the Dallas shooting and the ABH campaign, there was Orlando. More shooting. There was this secular Bangadeshi blogger that was shot dead. Is all of this even necessary? No. 

Killing someone doesn’t make you God, you know. 

People have families, lives and feelings. Everyone contributes to the society. When you kill someone or hurt someone you dampen the energy. So not worth it. I implore y’all, spread positivity whenever you can. Just please. 

It’s a sick world and unless we fix it, it will end us all. In a snap. I fear it’s already way too late. 


30 thoughts on “Racism and Violence – Is it Necessary?

  1. As we “evolve” and change people feel threatened by that. That means they have to learn new things and they have to treat people differently. The photographs above challenge people and no one likes that. I think life has a natural way of changing and that can be good. Violence should not beget violence, no unkind act should be revisited with an unkind act. People need to love one another better.

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  2. The violence is completely unnecessary. This world is a scary place sometimes. Why can’t we all just get along and stop hating on each other? *deep sigh*

    And ‘why oh why’ do we create issues when there is no need to? I see nothing wrong with the campaign examples… Does this make me easiest? Both are beautiful to me.

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  3. It’s sad that people who are racist feel that Black people need to look a certain way and aren’t allowed to wear whatever they want and do whatever the hell they want with their damn hair!!! What happened to our need of intellectual conversation, our yearning for deeper meaning and deeper relationships? We’re back at square one. Moving backwards over time. It’s sad.

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  4. Everyone is too busy coming up with a slogan or a fancy hashtag these days. It’s nice and all to keep saying three words, but what does that really accomplish? Leaders of the world need to get angry and actually do something. Enough of this “our thoughts are prayers are with ____” and then go back to normal life two days later.

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