Okay so everyone knows that Kimye just exposed Taylor Swift and now suddenly everyone is on Team Kim. And apparently, Taylor tried to break up Fifth Harmony?! What? WHY?! 

And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. 

Kat freaking Von D now made a very classy, shade throwing video on YouTube talking about why she would no longer support Jeffree Star, and going so far as to announce that she’d pull the liquid lipstick shade called Jeffree from her collection. 

Oh wow. 

Kat just started a revolution. Many YouTubers are not jumping on the Jeffree Star hate bandwagon, and boycotting his brand. She claims she’s cutting him off because he didn’t pay her friend for the original artwork that Jeffree now uses as his logo. Oh lord. 

She basically said she’s the reason why he even has a brand now, and that if it weren’t for her and her connections, he wouldn’t be where he is at this point. 


This teaches me a really good lesson though – ALWAYS CREDIT THE PERSON. Okay, so I’m crediting Google for my photos I’ve used here. 

Hope I’m safe. 

And please, people. You have a problem with your ex best friend, go meet in person and talk it out. Don’t go posting things online and adding to the mess the world already is in. 

Have a great Hump Day. If you’re humping, don’t get chlamydia. Thanks. 


4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – “Feuds”

  1. And us mortals are over here sipping on soda and eating popcorn because of the show celebrities throw. Social media and 24 hour news make small disagreements into big blow ups. I work paycheck to paycheck and their squabbles is something I don’t have time for.

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