Remember my girl S? I used to talk about her so much on my blog. And then I stopped. I kind of miss her, you know? But you can’t really do much when you really are fond of a person and they can’t stand you. 

Can you? 


I’m stupid as fuck. All this while I was under the impression that she honestly liked me back as much as I did her. That she actually liked hanging out with me. When she didn’t. Now I feel like a fool, because she faked it really well. All this while she was actually just tolerating me, and then she snapped. 

How difficult is it to say, “YOU in particular, are annoying me. Please go away”?

Apparently, it’s harder than trying to squeeze toothpaste back into the tube when all of it is lying in a mess in the bathroom sink. I’m gullible. She used to say, “Dude I hate people.” And she used to say, “You’re the only friend who I can be myself with.” So I’d always assumed she liked my company. Sort of. 

I didn’t realize she thought I was some sort of annoying bug on the wall! That is so cringe worthy. 

It’s been a whole eight months since we’ve hung out, she’s made excuses and I’ve believed every one of them. Until this happened today. 

Indian aunties don’t text like this. I wish she’d told me she didn’t want to hang out anymore, instead of pretending to be someone else and cut me off completely. I don’t like intruding in people’s private space so I won’t be mentioning her in my posts anymore. I’ve taken the hint and I’m letting this go as yet another friend that chucked me like used tissue paper. 

  • Note to self – Don’t get attached. It sucks donkey balls. 
  • Note to self #2 – Don’t talk to people. 
  • Note to self #3 – WALLS UP. 

26 thoughts on “About Time I Took a Hint. 

  1. Somewhere in time someone decided it was better to lie, make excuses, even pretend to be someone else, rather than simply tell someone the truth. To “be nice” to “not offend or hurt”. But I’m with you. The truth would save a lot more time. I mean you don’t have to be brutal with it, but if you don’t like me tell me. GAH!

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      1. Till you find them you have to work with what you have…and if the people you have now keep hurting you…just count it as a lesson learned and move to the next person…you never know someone might end up surprising you

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  2. She doesn’t sound like a friend at all. And by the sounds of things, you’re better off without her! You are awesome! Never let anyone make you feel like that annoying fly in the room…that you want to squat with a newspaper until your windows are wearing it’s intestines… Hmm. Did I go too far. Yep. I went too far, didn’t I? Well, anyway… She is THAT fly! Who fakes their aunt, anyway?! Psycho!!! 😳

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