I’m pretty much an open book, and y’all probably know me very well by now. 

Or do you? Let’s find out. 

Rules: Basically, what you do for this tag is post five sets of statements, containing two truths and one lie – about yourself. You have your audience guessing which ones are true and which are lies, and you wait a day or two to post the correct answers. 

This is such a fun tag, and since my favorite blogger Paul nominated me, I thought I’d give it a go! Okay. So. 


A. I hate stuffed animals.

B. I don’t eat meat. 

C. I’m lactose intolerant. 


A. I’ve never played a sport in my life. 

B. I’ve had three orange pet cats. 

C. I once ran away at age 3, to buy candy, while on vacation with the family. 


1. Once I got chased by a dog while on my morning run. 

2. I walked into a stop sign while texting a boyfriend, and ended up with a giant bruise on my forehead. 

3. A monkey stole my glasses, age 10, again on vacation. 


1. I have trust issues, which is why I haven’t dated a person in the flesh, since 2010. 

2. I’m a terrible driver and I can’t ride bikes. 

3. My car is green like a toxic frog. 


1. I love donuts with filling in the center. 

2. I won no prizes while in school because I was supremely untalented.

3. I’m not a people person. 

I tag:


And everyone else that’s interested!

Okay. Done! Can you guess which statements are true? Leave me your answers in the comments! 


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