I’m assuming it’s lucky to see rainbows, for days in a row. (Let’s just overlook the fact that it’s been raining a lot, and there’s only been a few hours of sunshine, which is why I’ve been seeing way too many rainbows. Instead, we’re gonna declare Sooch the new lucky ducky in Blogosphere, shall we?)

Without further ado, I bring you some cell phone captures. Ready? Here we go. 

It’s been like this all of last week and this one.
Circular rainbow!

At this point I had no idea circular rainbows were a thing. I sent this picture to a bunch of people and they all had interesting theories as to why the rainbow looked really pregnant. 

Most people thought it was an alien invasion. I got real excited that my tiny town was finally getting some action but naaaaaaah. Nothing ever happens here, and a pregnant rainbow won’t change that. 

I do believe in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow though. Because when I got home, I found a new bunch of highlighters waiting for me. Yep. 

Have y’all ever seen a circular rainbow? 


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