1. The ones that post coochiecoo photos of themselves with their girlfriends. Seriously though, get a room. 

2. The ones that have fitness accounts but are basically running a pornography page. Nuff said. 

3. The ones that have private accounts but leave hyper-critical comments on all your posts. 

4. The guys that see your Instagram stories and keep saying hello, you’re beautiful, please reply. 

5. The ones that text so much you feel like you’d much rather constipate than talk to them. 40272626 texts per minute, even though you’ve clearly stated you’re busy and don’t like small talk. And when you don’t they say the P word. 

6. The ones that send in photos of their unmentionables. 

7. The hot ones we all stalk. 

8. The food bloggers. 

9. The snobs that need to come back down to Earth. Yech.

10. The artsy dudes. Perfect English. They mind their own business, and are the nicest. Probably two in three thousand. 


27 thoughts on “Types Of Guys On Instagram

  1. Thank you for sharing this informative post. I’m actually not joking about it being informative. For some reason: I’m having difficile posting this comment. Hope you receive it. (As if it’s the most l’importante thing in the world.)

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