Today’s one of those days. Again.

Looking at my reflection in the car window.

Wondering who I am. Who I’m meant to be. 

All those commuters moving in the rain,

They all move with a sense of purpose. 

Or do they? 

All so sure of themselves, and then there’s me: 

Dealing with my emotional circus.

It’s like I don’t know why I am what I am

What is it that I am, really? 

Who was I meant to be?

They used to say, “She’s sad, poor lamb”

Where are they now, when I need someone

Just to put me back on track, maybe

I’m tired of being lost, with no sense of direction

I don’t want to feel like I’m done

Is that too much to ask for?

Tell me it isn’t. 

Tell me everyone was lost at some point too

Tell me I’m not done for. 


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