Well, something happened this year. I saw a crap ton of flags on cars. 

India was declared independent on August 15, 1947. And everyone’s been tweeting about #70yearsofindependence. Who messed up this simple math? Why didn’t anyone bother to correct people? It’s been 69 years, not 70. Why does everyone want to make poor Mother India a septuagenarian a whole 365 days before her birthday? How uncool.

I also saw droves of people, their faces painted saffron, green, white and blue – the national colors of the Indian flag – do this rally thing on the freeway. With flags. All pointing down. Without helmets. Nobody arrested them. The Indian Constitution clearly states that the only people who can use flags on their vehicles include the President and the Prime Minster. And you can’t put the flag at half mast unless someone is being mourned. 

The whole code is something everyone that claims to be Indian should know. It’s appalling how poorly history is being taught in schools. 

Also, this whole seasonal patriotism bothers me. As much as it bothers me when people spit in public. Patriotism isn’t something you buy in stores on 26 January and 15 August. It’s funny because you won’t spring to attention when they play the national anthem at the movies or sporting events. You won’t bother if they play it on TV because hey, why would you stand up when it’s not being played in front of you when you’re actually at said event. Right? 

You won’t even know what’s going on at the Olympic Games because hey, who cares if some guy called K. Srikanth made it to the Badminton Quarter finals this year at Rio. Right? Because your pouting selfies and your pecs are more important than knowing that there are people trying to do India proud. 

When you say you’re proud to be an Indian, don’t just say it. Mean it. 

That there are people fighting to change what the world thinks of India. Stop being seasonal. Start with the little acts of actually being patriotic. 

Remember what Gandhi said: 

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.


No matter what Winston Churchill thought of the half naked fakir of India, the Bapu did get something right. 

Jai Hind!


47 thoughts on “Seasonal Patriotism

      1. Just breaking out in fights with others, beating up doctors because they’re apparently corrupted, supporting politicians that encourage diaspora and that buy votes… you know the drill. Also we are the biggest racists out there. Casteists, even. There’s also honor killing and stuff. Yes. Still.


      2. That´s the most comprehensible one and the toughest. Yet life is about making tough decisions thinking about you, and sometimes unfortunatelly for a person to be happy and live their own life they have to make choices that their family don´t agree with.
        If I remember correctly you are under age right? In my country you will find it not that abnormal for teenagers to get out of the household environment and live their life´s, normally for the bad though, few go the straight way, but in other cases teenagers or Young adults do make the decision of living their life´s away from the familly for the better. A choice only you can make. Although probably all the comforts that you know as of today will go away, so is hard.

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      3. But you are good looking, so here is the plan. You run as Miss. India for the Universal beauty contest so that way you make it to the US and then just stay with the yanks. You would have a voice there much larger than in your own country. Told you, the call me “the solution-er”

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      1. 1st Independence Day was celebrated on 15th Aug 1947 though we go Independent that day itself.

        So, on 15 Aug 1948 we would have celebrated 2nd, though we had completed only 1 year of Independence by then.

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  1. Haha I think it’s the 70th independence day but 69 years. For example, 5-1 is 4 but there are 5 numbers. Now apply that to the 70 and 69, if that makes sense. They don’t allow flags are cars over there? Weird.

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  2. The transfer of governance power to India started at midnight of 14–15 August 1947. So basically we got to celebrate our first independence on the early hours of 15th August 1947 which marked our first Independence Day celebration.
    Hence 1948 marked our 2nd year of independence and 2016 marks our 70th year of independence.

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