“Live with it,”  he said. 

“You selfish, cruel, unrelenting, materialistic,

Shallow, disgusting, awful, crazy person, 

Why don’t you move on ahead?”

I’d never understand people, you know

How do you claim to love someone 

When all you give them is your hate

When you’re not the same anymore

And blame the other person, instead?

Everyone has a story.

Most of us tell it some way or the other

Some of us keep it inside our heads

Is it a sin we couldn’t be as vocal?

We try to cover up for all the loss

We distract ourselves, we don’t talk about things 

We detach ourselves from the locals

Does this mean you’re allowed to judge

Who gave you that power?

Who died and made you such a God

So unyielding in your opinions, you won’t budge?

“Live with my hatred,” you say

I’d take it, I’d live with it 

I’d go about my life, emotionless

Than be with you, anyway

What were you doing when there was trouble

I was broken, you were meant to be whole

It isn’t your job to fix me now, 

Go live with yourself in your self absorbed bubble

And me? I will just learn to live with it

Like you asked me to

You described me the way I am, you said

Keep judging – I shall live with it. 


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