I used to be this person that would have giveaways every time my stupid instagram page hit a milestone. At the drop of a hat, even. But I won’t do it anymore, simply because of how petty people can get. Coming from the host of a freaking rant blog that’s saying a lot. 

1. People only follow you just to enter your giveaway. They unfollow and block as soon as you’ve picked a winner. 

2. They beg you for free stuff. Begging sucks rotten, moldy bananas. They also as you ten million questions about how giveaways work, and if you buy the stuff with your own money. Not to mention, asking you to pick them. Here’s proof. 

3. You get loads of compliments on your posts. Once the giveaway closes, you get called out for being a whore. For no apparent reason. 

4. People question the authenticity of your products. So I did a giveaway on my birthday and one of the prizes happened to be a Kylie Cosmetics lip kit. Which I bought off a reseller. The girl that won gave me two months of hell because she insisted her lipstick was fake. Two months on, the matter ended when I had a new “authentic” lip kit sent over. Why did this happen in the first place? The lip liner that comes with the Kit was missing the little number embossed on the side. The girl that won never realized that sometimes, machines overlook products, and this doesn’t mean it’s fake. She also went on to order a new lip kit in the same color off another seller. That’s like a punch to the solar plexus like hey bro, your present is fake. I’m gonna buy myself a new overpriced lipstick just because I can. And because yours is fake. The seller I bought my lipstick from is authentic and I have talked about them on my blog before, and I still think they are one of the nicest in India. 

Check them out: www.beautytales.in.

5. Random guys demand you to pick their girlfriends winner. God. 

Kid you not, this actually happened.

6. It’s way more stressful to host a giveaway than to vouch for surrogacy. I’m not kidding. Specially if you happen to be one of those bloggers that don’t have companies sponsor them. 

7. You lose friends. 

8. You receive death threats in the mail. Even if you use a generator to pick a winner, people won’t believe you and you have to post screen grabs. Whoever invented the screen grab?

My life, everyday.

9. You fall out with your family because they don’t understand why you’re giving away free stuff to people. Point, Mum. 

10. If you survive all this, you have an urge to do it again and play God for a while. Not a good feeling. Nope. It’s a vicious cycle. 


Rant over. 


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