I love September. That’s because I love Virgos. My Dad, who’s also my favorite person in the whole world, is a Virgo. All rational, calm, great at organizing stuff, the kind of Dad who’d let a two-year old with pigtails eat ice-cream for dinner. And keeping the whole thing hush hush so Mommy wouldn’t know.

*Earth to Suchie.*

What a crappy first day at work. Well, it started crappy because basically I’m not great with babies. I have a phobia. I feel like I’d drop them and they’d get hurt, and this is NOT helpful when you’re trying to take the poor kid’s temperature. Or something. 

And there’s this annoying dude, I want to punch him in the face. 

I am so exhausted I make exhausted look energized. Bleh.

I have a problem. I talk too much when I’m nervous and embarrass myself. Which obviously happened today. It’s not cute. Now I’m that yappy doctor who’s also going bald. Peachy. 

And then people rechristened me to “Sushi”, and now I’m a dodgy Japanese Fishy Dish. 

Also, moving is a pain. 

In the bumzie. 

Have y’all ever been to a Goddamn furniture store? You wanna get a table but then you end up getting chairs, throw pillows, some chest of drawers and several completely unnecessary couches. WHY? Too many conspiracy theories, y’all. 

And now I’m broke. 


 I hate September. 

OMG Look. Someone just sent me this and I replied. 

Oh, I love September. Do y’all have any first day on the new job stories? Do share!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to snooze.

11 thoughts on “Hello, September!

  1. Best month of the year! And not just because my birthday is tomorrow. My first day at camp I had to deal with 9 kids running around a change room for about an hour before they got dressed.

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  2. A girl who had worked there for a few months ended up hating me by the end of my shift because I had learned everything so quickly. Come to find out they were still training her on the stuff I now knew…. She never grew to like me.

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