So I’m working with a bunch of amazing people – all of whom don’t believe I’m the girl in my instagram feed (like Hello. Have you even heard of the “power of makeup”? A YouTuber made a whole palette out of it.) And I get to work with BABIES AGAIN! 


I can’t even. Just look at the cheeks! 

JUST how are kids cheeks’ so chubby! Anyway. So we also had this one kid come in with congenital glaucoma and corneal opacity, basically something that won’t let him see unless surgery was done. I kind of wish my Dad was there to do it for free. Because the doctors at the hospital I work in aren’t ever gonna do anything unless you shell out moolah. Go figure. 

This isn’t a very bloggy post or anything, I just wanted to say hey and check in, because I haven’t been blogging much lately. I do hope you’re all doing great! 

Did y’all see the new iPhone seven and Apple’s decision to drop the jack? The ear bud things are teensy, and if you lose them, replacing them is gonna be a pain in the derierrie. Good thing I’m very low techy techy and I am not fussed about phones. 

Also, did anyone buy it yet? Let me know!


One thought on “I LOVE MY JOB!

  1. Those are some pretty cute kids. Too bad the surgery can’t be done for them.
    And thankfully, I’m not an Iphone guy, I’m a Samsung Galaxy guy and I don’t upgrade every year so I’m good. The Iphone 7 was kind of a snoozer. Not much different except more power, thinner and those headphone things. I’m good.


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