​Words have always been my strong suit. I’ve always been one of those people. You know, dreamers. The ones that lose themselves to the beauty of nice compliments. Handwritten letters. That’s how he makes you feel. Insanely, blissfully, happy. Big little gestures. Oh, what a beautiful oxymoron that is. How lovely it is to be in the moment, just feeling things, not worrying about tomorrow, or what even the next minute will bring. 

It’s nice to lose yourself, sometimes. 

A thousand feelings that cystallize into butterflies in the pit of your stomach. The feeling of euphoria that a hot mug of espresso at three am brings. The joy of being at complete peace, with no worries whatsoever. 

That’s how he makes you feel. 

He comes to you, with his salt and pepper beard, perfect hair, smelling of promise. His arms that hold you and you feel safer than ever. The ridiculous t shirts he wears and how passionate he is about helping people. How he makes time for you, and how he doesn’t put weed before you like the rest of the lame people you’ve been with always do. How he defines… perfection. 

You know he’s something when you love everything about him, right from his crazy little habits to his perfectly straight nose and that smile that makes you want to drown in his eyes. The way they crinkle when he grins at you, those beetle black sparkly eyes. How his very presence feels like a giant fluffy sweater you always want to hold on to. 

You know he’s something. 


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