Before I begin the crazyrambles, I’m going to put a disclaimer out there – NOT ALL COMPANIES ACT THIS WAY. It’s always the smaller ones that act like a bunch of pricey begonias. 

Recently this brand spanking new start up got in touch with me and one of my blogger friends, and sent us both a package each. Let’s just say the whole process was nasty. First, they call you at ungodly hours and then demand you do a blog post and post about them on all your social media. Which is FINE, because you’re sending me free stuff so I gotta promote you, but then there’s a time for everything. 

My Godforsaken hospital has cell phone coverage issues. My Boss is a pain in the neck. You can’t really expect me to take your calls when I’m in the middle of getting yelled at by said boss, and you can’t keep calling like a bunch of headless chickens till I’m forced to take the call and talk in  a not so polite way. After which, of course, you go on to say hell that blogger chick is bloody rude. 

I have a day job, for Lord’s sake. 

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate being sent stuff and I love being able to review them, but then you need to stop bugging me at ungodly hours, like I’ve already said. And the bugging doesn’t stop there. No, Jose. Not even after the blog post is up and you’ve promoted them on all social media. And if all of that’s not enough, the said brand’s PR keeps calling you and force you into giving them positive reviews. 

Because then comes the whatsapp text that reads: “PLEASE TAKE THE SURVEY, I’VE SENT YOU THE LINK TO YOUR EMAIL” Right when you’ve just started on your much needed lunchtime sandwich. Now, do you really expect me to keep my cool? I’d maybe understand if the brand in question was sending me a crap ton of great products. In this case? NO. All you send me is a teeny weensy bottle of under performing shampoo that I need to say good things about so you can get off my case!!! 

And before you realise, you’re doing loads of major false advertising. 

No wonder most beauty bloggers lie their pants off. I totally get it. I’m never doing this again. No way. 


7 thoughts on “The Truth About PR Packages

  1. One of life’s lessons, little one… When it comes to money issues, people have ONLY their own interests at heart. Be aware of that at the beginning… Besides, there is nothing at all that says, just because they send you stuff, you have an obligation to do anything for them, at all.. It’s their stuff, they sent it. You have no legal obligation to even return it. If they’re going to be rude, then be rude in return. Ignore them; block their calls, etc…

    Or, write an honest revue, tearing their product to shreds…

    Old fart advice…



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  2. If they have just sent you free stuff & you are not being paid any money by them, they basically cannot demand any positive reviews from you. Whether you choose to do so completely depends on whether you really want to do it. Just keep that in mind next time if such shady ass companies try to take advantage of you.

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