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Dear America,

America is me. When people hear me identify as “Mexican-American” most think nothing of it. But some think of me as being a part of “other”, as being different from them. I’m not. Both of my parents were born in Texas. My grandparents were born in Texas. My great grandparents were not. Which means I’m exactly the same as nearly every other American in that I’m a descendant of immigrants.

I point this out because I must. The next president of the United States has said things and proposed actions that make me as a Mexican-American feel disrespected, hated, and alarmed. He’s done the same to women, African-Americans, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, and just about every group of people that looks differently than he does.

Donald Trump is not my president. He doesn’t represent or stand for anything I do. I know I’m not the only one acknowledging…

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3 thoughts on “A Letter to America

  1. As someone who lived through the Presidencies of Nixon, and two Shrubs, I can tell you this election comes as no surprise. What people need to remember is, no one person represents the US; the population is, and always has been, much too diverse to ever make such an assumption. The election process this year has been less a true election of a representative of the people as it has been a message from the voting public they are tired of professional politicians, and are willing to settle for anyone who MIGHT promote changes to the system…

    The real problem is not governments; the problem is rooted in the simple fact that corporations have corrupted ALL governments. Money now rules the world, until the people can remember the true power remains in their hands…

    All those who worry Trump will be a disaster need to chill. Of course he will; Clinton would have been worse…

    gigoid, the dubious


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