We’ve all done dumb crap at some point in our lives – it’s your good fortune if you’ve managed to not let your dumb luck turn into a streak of continually bad, bad, dumb luck. Not me. Mine started off as a little hatchling of dumb luck. This was how my story went, starring one dumb intern. 

Day one. Enter one dumb intern. Fresh piece of moron, who might have applied way too much eyebrow. And lipstick. Head full of hopes, arms full of pen stains. I didn’t remember what I’d studied in four years of med school. Didn’t speak the language, didn’t have a local boyfriend to help out my butt and didn’t have any brains  whatsoever. Day one passed by in a blur, with people knocking over my soda bottle bottom glasses over and over – must have reminded myself thrice that I needed to get myself tighter glasses, and forgot, like the dumb intern I was.


Day 300. Still dumb. No wait, if possible, even dumber. Kept eating cheese, and having to rush to the too. Lactose intolerant problems. Nearly took out someone’s eye from trying to do the pneumatic tonometry thing. Ouchies. Embarrassed myself in front of my cute ass resident. 


Day 301. Kissed a dude and loved it. In my head, of course. When he left, turns out he liked me too. Dumb intern for the opportunity wasted. 


Day 365. Yay, graduation. Stumbled and fell on my face from stepping on the graduation gown. Dumb. 

Once a dumb intern, ALWAYS a dumb intern. 


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