There are two kinds of people I absolutely cannot stand. One, wannabes. And two, condescending people. Wannabes I can handle. You just pretend they need to do what they’re doing, like a drug addiction. It isn’t harming anyone. 

With condescending people, it’s different because they always put you down in some way or the other. It’s like being an active passive smoker when you’re around these people. I’m speaking from experience. I once had this friend (note the past tense here, I did myself a favor and cut ties) who would always point out mistakes that I’d make. 

“Your eyebrows are wonky.”

“Your shirt is so small it would be a crop top on my little brother.”

“Don’t wear eyeliner to work. It’s slutty.”

Like, really?

It’s obviously a big deal to me when my favorite brands repost my photos on instagram, but to her it would be the silliest thing imaginable. She’d rain on my parade like hailstorm from Hades. 

Now the funny part is, it would be okay if she was the one that did the aforementioned things.

See that’s the thing with condescending people. They’re a bunch of nothing with zero talent – no wait. They do have one talent. Gloating. How do you deal with such people, anyway? It’s supposed to be the happy holiday season, not the crappy constipated season. 

We’re supposed to eat gingerbread cookies and not let condescending creepers eat us instead. 

Happy holidays. Don’t be a grumpy elf. 


27 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – Condescending People

  1. I find it’s best to ignore the mundanes as much as I possibly can; it’s tough for us atheists to coexist in a delusional world. At least at Xmas time, they’re mostly in a decent mood, if no less delusional…

    In your primarily Hindu country, at least this holiday is one y’all observe for its most enjoyable parts, having plucked out the best of what is there to take….

    As for those ‘condescendors’, just show them the picture at the end of the post; they’ll get the point….


    gigoid, the dubious, tongue partially-in-cheek….


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