Before I even begin, this was the year of…

..and I can’t believe I’m quoting Kylie Jenner. I guess all the chemicals from my regular abuse of her lip kits have gone straight to my head. What do you expect from me anyway, rocking a lip color called Brown Sugar almost every single day? Oooh, that rhymed. 

Anyway, I’m back at it again with my hilariously funny rants that made me SUCH a freaking sensation back in 2015, I can’t even. Gosh Lilrant was so dang popular, I tell you. But then I sort of fell off the radar but not for long! Enough with the shameless plug, Sooch. Everyone knows what you’re doing. Back off. Now, much as I love Instagram, you can’t rant on there. You lose followers when you do. And all the Christmas-y photos of craxpensive makeup flatlay photos are driving me to the brink of anxiety. Why do makeup brands do this? Come out with products that I feel like I absolutely NEED or I’d be dead or something. 

Just today, I spent my last few hundred bucks buying the exact same shade of lipstick I didn’t really need. And now I’ll lose weight just in time for Christmas because I won’t be eating for a week! #likerealizingstuff 

Oh no. 

I’m beginning to hate this week. All the presents I bought for myself are, as usual, stuck in customs. But it’s better this way, at least I know I’m getting something for Christmas. (Even if I have to buy and wrap my pressies and the cards will all say, ‘To Sooch, all my love, From Sooch’ ) #likerealizingstuff

I’m so smart, I can’t even. 

Ooh la la

15 thoughts on “Manic Monday: Christmas Week 

  1. Cute…. like the author…. *grin*

    I may be opening a can of worms, but, allow me to express the opinion of, to my knowledge, most men.. regarding: makeup…. While there are times it can enhance a woman’s beauty, mostly, it hides it. Most of us fellows would prefer to just see your faces without it; they are quite beautiful as they are, and really don’t need the “gilding of the lily” y’all seem to think it does…

    Just sayin’…..

    What’s one of the oldest jokes around? This one: To persuade a woman to have sex with a man, he must shower her with gifts, express his undying love, and/or, indicate his enthusiasm and loyalty so it is clear… To persuade a man to have sex, all a woman needs to do is show up, and show some interest….


    Your beauty needs no enhancement, dear girl…



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      1. Love you, too, little one. You have a great week, too… though, as an atheist, for me that means staying out of everybody’s way, & trying not to bum people out by pointing out the delusional behavior society is currently displaying to such a commercial degree….

        *grin* But, that’s just the curmudgeon in me…

        Take care, & enjoy the season…


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