Happy Christmas, everyone! I hope you’re having a great day, and possibly not stalking people on WordPress (like I am, obviously) – because Christmas is the time for family and friends. And good vibes, in general. Unfortunately, I’ve had horrible Christmases several times in a row. This year it involved paying a lot of money as custom duty on my shop and box haul. But that’s a story for another time. 

I can’t.

Now, have you ever had a friend who would make Regina George from Mean Girls look like St. Joan? I have. This friend was responsible for ruining one Christmas, and by ruin I mean she made me cry. In the middle of eating cake. She’s also an example of how blind girls get when it comes to relationships. 

If you’re a woman, you know we tend to be bitchy and overprotective where our respective ‘squads’ are concerned. Like, you hurt my best friend, I’m gonna hurt your head till you can’t feel it no more, you snobdouche. Now, this said friend of mine used to complain about her boyfriend, every time she had the chance. At some point she’d even told me he’d been living off of her money. That pissed me off, I’ll be very honest here. And I straight up told her what I thought – that the dude was using her. 

And this point all hell broke loose. 

This was back in the day when I actually would use my facebook account. And the dude had added me on there. And he texted. And he was drunk. And high. And was seriously very, VERY inappropriate. Which made me super disgusted that my said friend was in love with a dude like that. Which also made me take 47 screen grabs.And send them to her. 

A normal person questions their partner when they text inappropriate crap to their totally uninterested friends in a fit of drunken urge for far too much debauchery. Not this girl. She ganged up on me for showing her the guy’s texts. At one point the guy came over and apologised, but my friend blocked me on all social media and called me names and said I was far too ugly for her man to even be interested in me. 

Like I was even interested in her man. Both ewwsy. Totally deserved each other.

And that I was a too faced scum sucking earthworm. 

And that I’d never get anyone to love me. 

Of course like the emotional fool that I am, I broke down and cried over that. Specially when I found out that my friend had plans to eventually take money from me and never pay any of it back. Wow. I don’t understand women. She picked her guy over me and called me names despite the fact that he was the one that went ahead and sent me inappropriate texts. That didn’t hurt half as much though. What really tore me apart was the fact that she’d never thought of me as a friend and would talk about me behind my back to her guy. And to her other friends. 

People suck. 

…And I’m lonely.

15 thoughts on “The “Real” Mean Girls

  1. I’m stalking you.. 😂
    Just got back home from a hectic day Hun.. hope you had a fair enuf day!!

    And I so don’t understand the stoopid logic reasoning that these kinda girls have.. I’d stand by my girlfriend and actually feel proud about her!! She actually had the b***s to hurt you?? Wow.. I don’t get it.. 😐

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  2. Snobdouche and scum sucking earthworm…haha those had me laughing. Well some people wouldn’t a good friend even it hit them on the face. You are lucky to get out of that soon enough. Ati snobdouche, haha damn sooch

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  3. Stalking you here.
    Anyway, some girls are soo relationship crazy, they’d do anything including hurt the only friends they have just to keep a man. It makes me bow my head in shame..
    You should not let that get you down, at least you did the right thing and she made her choice

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      1. I knew that would happen, though didn’t expect it soo soon.
        I have realised some girls can be quite terrifying when it comes down to their boyfriends but most times understanding why they feel threatened helps one’s relationship with them

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      2. I agree with you. I have some great friends and I can tell you no matter the situation I know they have my back and that feeling is awesome. I am married but my friends still remain a top priority cos they are my family also.

        We try not to let our relationships sway our friendship as that is a constant we all have in our lives.

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