It’s been eight whole days and I haven’t published a thing. Good going, woman. Great start to 2017! Insert dollops of sarcasm right here. 

I have no excuse. Really. When I started this blog I thought I could be committed. That I would stay committed to writing. But no, oh no. What did happen, you ask? Everyone knows that most blogs die out within the span of a year or so. Just look it up. I’m not saying every blog does. The ones that start out like mine, you know, all promising looking, they do actually die. I mean, when I started LilRant two years ago (WHOA. TWO YEARS. WHAT?) I’d actually manage to get like a hundred followers every month. I got about 200 each month mid 2016, I was producing hilariously bitchy content and even stories. I’m really proud of my Libby’s Diary series. (You can check these out – here and here.)

You know how they say an empty mind is the Devil’s workshop? Well, I have an empty mind currently, at 00 hours IST January 9, 2017. And no, it’s far from being the Devil’s workshop. It’s buzzing. Empty and buzzing. Sitting in a post op ward with patients and their families around. Surrounded, and alone. I don’t speak the language, never bothered to pick it up. I don’t and can’t and couldn’t be bothered to connect. The nurses don’t help because I’m the only North Indian here that’s basically sticking out like a sore, fractured, rotten, middle finger. I can’t complain. I brought this upon myself. Nobody warned me this would be scary and lonely. I can handle lonely and scary, separately. Both together, it becomes hell fire on my ass. I can’t do this. 

You know what sucks? Having people tell you you can count on them, and then they do a bunk. And having the same people claim they’re your best friends when in fact they aren’t. WTF? I’m having a very crappy 2017 already. Between sticking pills up patients’ butts multiple times a day and breaking phone cases – dropped my phone several times this week, and broke three cases in seven days – I have a crappy life. And yet, I’m thankful. This could be a lot worse. I mean, I could end up doing gynaecology and never be able to eat. Good Lord. 

Oh, and by the way, when did buying makeup turn into a competition? I can’t even. I know this was random, but I just wanted to talk to you guys. Thanks for hearing me out. 


11 thoughts on “Midnight Musings 

  1. Oh, my LR! Happy 2017 whichever way you can manage it. DL is still thinking about you, Mrs. B and Ellie B and Elisabeth, too. Sorry I’m so quiet these days. New job, new house, less online time. But this is about you, not me. You still write like a pro. Keep going, whenever you need it. ❤

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  2. Some of us are still around, little one; in fact, I’ve been here all along…. *smile*

    Hang in there; things change, especially when we leave ourselves open to it….

    You can always write to me, y’know; I always answer….

    Be well, & stay busy. Learn the language; it will take up your time, and make a friend, or many… and, it’s always good to have a new way to communicate with people….

    Love you


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