Okay. So this is bad. 

It’s been more than ten days since my bank blocked my card. And they won’t unblock it. And they won’t help. So basically, I’m broke as hell’s belly in the middle of nowhere. 

Now, I don’t understand banking. Because I’ve always had the boyfriend handle my finances. And after he left, I had Paytm to help me get by. The crap hit the fan when I exceeded my Paytm wallet limit and had to resort to other apps like Ola Money and whatever to just pay off my bills. And I kid you not, Ola Money sucks bananas. Which means you’ll be charged if you make transactions more than INR 1000. 

So yeah, I was screwed. 

I have an SBI Maestro card from 2006 when I was like teenaged and naive and still am. On February 27 I tried to make a transaction and I got this text: 

These assholes can’t even spell ‘branch’ properly.

I panicked because when I tried using Paytm on March 1, they showed me that the phone number registered with this account was wrong. Like, WTF? Before my card stopped working, apparently my bank called me because I was making too many transactions. I should have known that something was wrong, because your bank won’t call you if you shop too much. And ask you for your address and what you do for a living. So yeah, I ignored that red flag and had my card blocked. 

I’m only writing this post because I need someone to help me out with this. I’d sent my Dad over to my home branch, since I can’t really go there – I’d have to take a flight and a cab – and they fed him some cock and bull story about some limit being exceeded. Wow. 

Does anyone on here know how ancient SBI maestro cards work? HELP. 

…me without my money. I have it, can’t access it. Gah.

7 thoughts on “Cash(less) Me Outside

  1. I would go through your bank statements and see where things went wrong. Ask someone you trust to go through it then go to the bank to see what you need to do. If they know you are going to work with them hopefully they will work with you. In the mean time see if your payroll manager at your work will pay you with a check you can cash. Freezing spending for the time being would help too. I wish you luck in resolving this.

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  2. banks wouldn’t care if you transact below 2lakh.. ugggh!!! wait , did you ??
    better open account 100 different wherever you go, instead of travelling to native..
    um have multiple apps like freecharge , mobikwik airtel money /vodafone wallet whichever is applicable ..

    start cutting cheques to fruit vendor , pani puri wala bhaiya etc..

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      1. kaun main ??? you beat me 😉 on the serious note you have first ask the genuine reason for blocking . if the reason was genuine , then apply for a new one . that would go to address registered , or home branch .. have someone courier it safely to you .these days atms do not come with pin #.. you can generate it online ..

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  3. Soochie…

    If I were in India, it would be easier to help, but, from the sound of your difficulties, the problem seems rooted in two factors… One, you are carrying too much debt; the more debt you carry, the less flexibility you have. You must control your spending, enough to pay the debt down to a manageable level, or enough to stop using credit at all.

    Second, you are depending too much on two things; one, technology, and two, other people to deal with the details. You need to diversify your assets, & try not to have them solely accessible via technology (real property, cash, checks, etc…). You also need to accept the responsibility to take care of it yourself; it’s your money, & you are the one who is giving away the control of it…

    Accepting help & advice is fine; but, don’t let the ‘boyfriend’, or anyone else do it for you, unless you trust them implicitly to serve YOUR interests before their own…Learn about credit & money, enough to be able to protect what you need to have available to you.

    Speaking as an old fart, of course, who is out of debt, by the simple tactic of refusing to spend anything on non-essential desires, only what is needed…. Self-discipline, while a very difficult task, is essential to happiness, which only comes from inside us, not from anything one can obtain with money.

    I know money problems are hard, having been there often, raising two kids in a capitalist society, and, I know they can take up all one’s time and attention… Try to remember you have many friends, willing to help, and nobody needs to do it all alone…




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