Okay, so I haven’t blogged in exactly thirty three days. Which is saying something, since this little corner of the internet that I actually get to call mine had been everything for me when I had nobody to talk to. Don’t get me wrong. I still have nobody to talk to, I probably have tuberculosis and I am definitely dying. 

March was a horrible month, you guys. 

I had no money, and I was basically living off loans. Life lesson, right there. While a bunch of people on the internet got together to make a huge mockery out of my depression, and said that the meds I was on were fake and that I was a compulsive, pathological liar, a couple of people, again on the internet, who I’d never met in real life, came forward to help me out. Yes, you heard me. They helped me out. No questions asked, even though they didn’t need to. Yes, good people do exist. 

You know who you are.
Never have I felt the need to talk about uh, issues, on social media. But now I have to. Just because someone is bored with their own lame life, don’t let them get to you. Life lesson two. You don’t owe anyone any explanation. Also, things happen for a reason. Which you’d understand later. 

This whole month has also taught me that some things are meant to be kept hush hush. Because talking about it? Not a good idea. So if you’re in a relationship, and unhappy as hell, and you find yourself falling in love with your partner’s best friend – don’t do it. I know, it’s hard but don’t encourage yourself. Life lesson three. I’ve seen friendships fall apart because of fickle partners (yes, these things happen. Yes, you aren’t at fault. Yes, it’s wrong so you need to stop it) and it wasn’t pretty. Stay unhappy, and well…

Depression isn’t cool, and yes everyone we know makes fun of it, but there are people you can talk to. I can’t thank Soumya Mishra enough for hearing me out. She’s awesome. Life lesson four. Misery does love company. It’s a crap idea to stew in your depression, so channel that into doing something else. Like, reading maybe. Petting a puppy. Or something. Talking to someone. If you have nobody like I do, get your ass over here and we can WordPress about it. 

I don’t encourage smoking.
Have a good week, guys!


25 thoughts on “Life Lessons, For the Umpteenth Time 

  1. First of all, welcome back!
    I don’t always comment on your blog, but I hear a lot of what you’re saying today. Truthfully, I am appalled that anyone would make fun or mock someone with depression, but then again the world has buttholes and some of those buttholes are bigger than others.
    I have found a lot of comfort blogging about my own depression and anxiety!

    Great post! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I know, it’s crazy. They went as far as to tell me I was showing someone else’s pills when I sent them a photo of my meds. What’s crazier is people often push you into attempting suicide without realizing how bad it hurts. Thank you for stopping by. I hope this month is a tad bit better.

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      1. You seem to have a positive beat today, so I’m confident your month will go well!

        I had a friend tell me, many years ago, there are two kinds of people in the world – those that care about you an those that don’t, so why pay any attention to those that don’t care about you?

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  2. That’s disgusting!! How can someone mock at someone’s pain?? What kinda world, do we live in.. 😢😢

    I’m always here, boo.. to hear you out.. having said that, Soumya is a beautiful soul!! A fighter in all senses.. ❤️❤️

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  3. ” tuberculosis and I am definitely dying”…haha i swear you are the only person i know who will say such a horrible thing and i will still laugh. and it is good to hear from you.

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      1. Don’t worry. You will get over bad phases eventually.. And yeah u said it right. No need to justify or explain your deeds to everyone every time.. People who know you will understand you

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      2. You will meet new people at every phase of life. Forget about people who doesn’t respect your emotions and morality. Its better to be alone than with such people .


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