If you are in one of those relationships where your partner comes with a super desirable best friend, and you happen to find yourself falling for said best friend, panic not. It happens to the best of us. 

So what do you do?

1. Analyse the situation. 

The course of your action should be inversely proportional to the said person’s hotness. So let’s say they’re a perfect ten. Which clearly means run for the hills. They could be a perfectly made lasagna but you know too much lasagna bad for you, hunty. 

Jokes apart, ask yourself if you’ve fallen in love with the person, or it just merely happens to be a full-blown, rampaging rhino-esque crush. Scratch that. Lust. Are you horny over this person or you’re just in love love? The quickest way to figure this out is to determine the location of the butterflies that act like crazy old loons when they approach. Or just shows up. Are those butterflies in your upper belly or more closer to the nether regions? If it’s the upper belly, uh oh. You’re maybe in love. 


2. How serious are you? 

If you’re a girl and your boyfriend isn’t paying you enough attention, but his best friend always does – don’t jump to conclusions. He could be a easygoing cuddle bear of a guy who happens to be the exact same way with everyone. Observe him for a while before jumping to conclusions. 

If you notice he’s being extra nice to only you, and making it obvious he likes you too – weigh your options. Which brings me to point…

3. Is it worth it? 

You end up wrecking a friendship that’s probably as old as your Grandma and you make things awkward for everyone. Specially if you happen to ask them out and they say no and they totally blow you off. Ouch. 

So, if you’ve fallen in love with your partner’s best friend, put a paper bag over your head and pretend nobody exists while still spying on them. And oh, break up with your partner and emigrate to Egypt for a change. You’d get loads of better looking options. 

Happy Easter. 


3 thoughts on “Dating Disasters

  1. Excellent. Funny, too; it’s good to see your humor return in full…When I was a bit younger than you, I heard an old piece of wisdom about relationships, which has always proved to be of help in the analysis you applied so well, to wit:”If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you.” If you think about that, you’ll see it works to check out your own level of honesty, as well….

    Great post; welcome back…



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