Been weeks since we’ve hugged, or even said hello

Been days since I last saw you online 

I know it’s crazy, how I mold myself like Jell-O

How I pretend I’m okay and that I don’t really care 
When all I want to do is run back into the past 

Fix things, or maybe just try 

Or maybe just edit a few bits, maybe not move so fast 

Maybe it would just hurt a lot less then 
I know I’m just a doormat, 

Something you’d just wipe your feet on whenever 

So replaceable, insignificant as fuck 

So how does it feel 
Living in your own shadow

Without me looming around you all the time 

Don’t play with your next 

Don’t treat her bad, like you did me, after you called me, “Mine”
I hope she’s around to help you 

When you’re high from too much of everything 

I hope she never makes you feel blue 

And that she’s okay with whatever you do 
How does it feel, after me 

Does it feel great and do you feel free?

With nothing to hold you back, 

I hope you finally get to be what you wanted to be.


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