Okay, I don’t understand this generation, I don’t. I’ve said this a million times and I will say it again. Take the songs on the radio these days. Nicki Minaj started the whole new obsession with sausage. And it makes me so unhappy. 

Like, why would you collab with Jason Derulo and give the world a song called “Swalla”? The video had me going cringe cringe cringe every time Jason almost had sex sandwiches with like a thousand women. Check this out. 

I know that’s only two women, but trust me, the video has a thousand women trying to be centipedes. Now, back to the song. I understand it’s cool to cuss and be confident about your body, and that sex and sexuality shouldn’t be taboo anymore, I get it. What I don’t get is, why TF would anyone want to write a whole song about blow jobs? 

Like, what’s so special about it? Not to mention how gross and unappealing and tacky the whole thing sounds and how embarrassing it is to be with your mother in the car and the goddamned song comes on? Like I said earlier, CRINGE FEST. 

Now the next thing we know Jason Derulo is going to be fineapple-ing his way to the studio, singing about taking a dump and the glorification of crap covered toilet paper. And flushing. GOD. 


2 thoughts on “TF, Jason Derulo? 

  1. You’re right. A lot of today’s music lacks class. I remember when the Rolling Stones’ “Let’s Spend a Night Together” was banned on the radio. Pretty tame compared to what’s playing uncensored today.

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