Oh my gosh, you guys. 

The stuff that I go through working longish hours in the ER is – needless to say – crazy, at the very least. But also, oh so entertaining. I happen to work in a Government hospital in the middle of nowhere and it explains a lot of things, but it doesn’t explain insane demands that some patients make. 

From asking for a specific nurse because of her religion to fighting over leftover blood vials, you see it all. 

Of course when you’re doing ER room duty, you need to transfuse blood when necessary. We have the blood bank attached to the ER room practically, so it’s technically super easy to get hold of blood bags. But oh no, this is India and we never ever ever ever ever follow the rules, heck do we even know what rules mean, and this is precisely why we never get anywhere and we’re stuck at the bottom of the proverbial food chain. Aah, the digressing begins. 

Now back to what I was going on about…

Last weekend I had this patient come to me with a strange request. He happened to be vegan, and very strict about his lifestyle. Which possibly led to his severe anemia, not judging. While I transferred the blood to the little vials, he very seriously wanted to know if I could possibly arrange for vegan blood. (!!!) I’ll admit, that threw me for a second. 


It’s hard enough arranging donors with AB negative blood group, and a vegan one on top of that? Cray cray up the molehill. So of course I had to lie through my teeth and convince him that the blood that was arranged for him totally belonged to a vegan person. Ah, the lies I spew at work will someday toss me through the gates of hell straight into Satan’s bubbling hot cauldron. Poor butt of mine. 

The things we do for patients, sigh. 

Not really.

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Vegan Blood?!

  1. Sooch,

    This gave me a big grin… mainly because I like to poke at vegans, by asking them if they are sure plants are not sentient… they get this horrified look on their face, & realize their own flawed reasoning all at once…

    I can empathize about ER duty being strange; I worked on mental health admission units for quite a while, & they got rather odd, to say the least. The human mind is ever so entertaining, especially when they’re feeling a little ‘off’….

    Fun post…. good to see you posting, at all…


    Liked by 1 person

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