I’ll be the first person to admit that my family is pretty lenient when it comes to things. A LOT of things. Like, I can get away with eating ice-cream for breakfast and stuff myself with donuts after. 

I can pretty much wear shorts and go out. No problem. Can pretty much date whoever I want to as long as he’s not being a douche to my mother. Like I said, pretty lenient. 

When it comes to hair, however, it’s a whole different story. My mum literally turns into Medusa, stony face in place. She goes from being a Mom to being a rampaging Momster on the loose, employing her choicest swear words. Which range from Whore to Monkey Face. 

So I got bangs and had my hair cut really short. Just two days back. I’m not exaggerating when I say all Hell’s broken loose. 

So my Mum thinks I’ve cut my own bangs and my hair will never grow back. My Dad thinks I’ve secretly had plastic surgery done. My cousin thinks I need to get my eyes tested again because I probably have zero vision left. And before I knew it, the whole family – and extended family – had gotten involved. 

Even my friends, and their bitchy on again, off again partners. One girl went on to comment I looked like a Malaysian. I guess this is why our fucked up country will continue its poopy journey down the drain of regression. The average Indian is a bleeding racist and I don’t understand why looking a certain way is a bad thing. I don’t know what looking like a Malaysian looks like really, because we are all human and we look like people, but I said thank you anyway. 

And then there are people that literally won’t get out of your hair like it’s their hair you’ve chopped off. 

Whoever knew that getting a haircut would break so many people’s heads? Happy Tuesday, folks. 


25 thoughts on “Get Out Of My Hair!

  1. It is funny. I know that if a guy gets a haircut, or doesn’t no one bats an eye, but if a girl messes with her hair, it get scrutinized down to the very hair. People speculate, forums are created, everyone has an opinion. I’ve never seen more discussion at work, positive or negative than when a girl cuts her hair or tries something different. It is such a crazy society that we’ve created.

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  2. You are so Funny!!! Especially “Monkey Face” new one for me. I’ll use it everywhere. Hahahaha
    Next maybe a little shaving on the sides just above the ears. That’ll send them into orbit.

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      1. Mostly when I return home in holidays, it starts with a simple tease that I should get a hair cut.. which I try to postpone. But within a few days , this stupid issue gathers moss and my mom starts reacting like I’ve comitted a crime , sheer ignorance and shed of tears at times.
        Bottom line – you have to proove your obediency and enter the saloon which you’re thinking to go 1-2 months later.
        pheww !!

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