That’s a mouthful of a blog post title. But hear me out. If you haven’t seen or heard of The Edge of Seventeen, I suggest you stop reading and go watch it online or something. 

I could actually give you twenty reasons – and counting – why you should watch Hailee Steinfield in action. I mean, there’s no skin show, there’s no violence, basically no nothing. But this coming-of-age film from last year left me with a pleasant taste in my mouth. Left good vibes. Now, I don’t normally fangirl over a motion picture unless there’s a hunky dude (read: Armie Hammer) in it. But this movie? Well, here go my four reasons. 

1. There’s a Nadine inside all of us. 

Ever had a nasty zit pop up on your cheek, battled awful haircut choices and wondered if God was even up there? Thought so. Deny it all you want, but Hailee Steinfield’s character Nadine is SO freaking relatable it makes your ribs hurt. Ah, the awkward moments. I know I’ve been there. Sometimes I still go there. Not proud of it, but hey, I’m owning up to it. 

The classic, “Are you even up there?”

2. Woody Harrelson is UNPARALLELED. 

You’ve all seen the many, many sides to Woody Harrelson. He’s played a gay character, a magician with sass, and he played a serial killer. Heck, he’s even played a character called Tallahassee and gotten away with it. And how. In The Edge of Seventeen he plays a history teacher called Mr. Bruner, who’s badly judged by Nadine, who he refers to as “an especially badly dressed student.” Harrelson’s Bruner is so funny, and so sweet at the same time, and he reminds me of my English teacher from middle school when I was a pudgy teenager suffering from well… issues. 

The bit where Nadine comes to him saying that she was going to kill herself and that she needed to tell an adult about it, and Bruner tells her that it was funny because he was writing his own suicide note at that same exact moment is so. Damn. Freaking. Funny. 

Har har.

3. We all do pretty dumb ish and it slaps us in the tits.

Nadine strongly reminds me of myself at this point. My best friend thinks so too. He saw the movie, and the first thing he said was “Wow, that’s so YOU.” Let me explain. So Nadine is lusting over this boy so hard, and after her best friend falls in love with her brother, Nadine snaps on the inside and sends a pathetic long – and graphic, I might add – text, to the object of her desires. She realises the text sounds and looks and feels utterly dumb as heck and then accidentally sends it. 

Which leads to the dude calling her sweet and Nadine being Nadine – well, most of us women fall hard when a guy calls us sweet rather than addressing us as ‘sexy’ or ‘hot stuff’ right from day one – thinks that the guy is into her too and she basically leaves a trail of destruction in her wake trying to look cute for her date with the Dude. Turns out, he took her graphic text seriously and only showed up for a good old boink fest with the very virgin Nadine. 

And we all know how most guys are around virgins. Score! 

I’ve actually been in the same boat. While I didn’t send a graphic text, I did go on a blind date with a grizzly bear of a guy that tried to choke me to death with beer-breath. You all remember that story, if you’ve been with me from the beginning. 

Yes, I still feel this way thinking about THAT. 

4. #GoodVibesOnly.

We all have an Erwin Kim around us who we ignore, mostly unknowingly. Until the day Erwin shows us that life isn’t so bleak after all. Here’s to happy endings. 

See? There’s hope.

If you end up watching The Edge of Seventeen, do let me know what you think of it. Also, our girl Hailee has been killing it everywhere lately. The Red Carpet. The inspirational songs. The hair. I’m living for it. Also, 2017 needs to slow down some. It’s crazy how it’s June already. Oh Lord. I’m getting old. Welp. 


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