I turn ‘older’ in a few days. Yes, this is the point where I start hiding my age. Yikes. Also, whoa, is it almost July already? NO. It can’t be, can it?

I’m on leave at the moment and as usual, I’m clueless as to what to do. To be honest, I don’t really know how to take a break. Or chillax. I’m the sort of person that doesn’t know what to do on days off. I have a two-week break from work, and hating every minute of it. And it’s only been three days. 

I feel like when you’re the kind of person that most people would call an “enigma”, all you are really projecting is unfriendliness. That’s wrong. Just because I’m the kind of person that likes being on my own does not mean that I have no friends. Or that I have only online friends. Even if I did, how is that wrong is any way? Why do people have to be so judgemental? 

Just two days in, I realised that the break I’d taken from work was turning out way more stressful than my actual work schedule. And it hit me: I was a raging workaholic. The very act of having to put sutures, or having to put on a fresh dressing on a diabetic foot was so much more appealing than say, sauteing apples for breakfast. Was I crazy? Most of you would say yes. 

I know this for a fact. 

At this point I realized, I had to DO something. I’ve been so tightly wound these past year, I’d forgotten what it felt like to let go. Wait, I’d never really known what it felt like to let go. 

So, we decided to just drive off. Somewhere. A bunch of people from work and I. I brought along some cake and candy and all the junk food in the world and we went “rock climbing” of sorts. Like, we just walked all the way up the hill. Only there were enormous rocks and not much path to cut across so we basically just latched ourselves on to some rocks and climbed up. Tee hee. Fun. I’ve never done this in regular shoes. So it was amazing, to say the least. 

I’ve never celebrated my birthday ten days ahead. Also, did you know that cutting cake on the top of a hill is the nicest thing ever??! Not to mention having your face painted with leftover cake. And people taking embarrassing selfies. So, yes. A very happy Birthday to me. La di da. 

Now that I’ve mastered the art of letting go, here’s something I realization hit me with the force of a strong espresso – or maybe a couple million espressos – you don’t NEED blood to be a family and that when you bond, you just bond. My colleagues have been amazing and I can’t thank them enough for loving me the way they do. 

It feels pretty darn good. Just to let go.

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